International Volunteer Managers' Day

International Volunteer Managers’ Day is a chance for us to thank all the dedicated volunteer managers throughout the Trust. Together with our volunteers, their continued work means that we can make life better by the water for everyone.

Glyn Parkes and Kenny Knight Glyn Parkes and Kenny Knight

As a charity we count on the generous support of the public. We also know that when people volunteer to help us, they deserve a leader who will make the very best use of their time and support them every step of the way.

We’re sharing the stories of three of our inspirational volunteer managers. Read more about what they do and how much they have learned from the experience. We’re proud that volunteers are a fundamental part of the Trust and our efforts to improve the lives of people and communities around the country.

Thank you to all of our volunteers – and thank you to all of the people who work hard to manage and lead our volunteers.

Last date edited: 5 October 2017