Llangattock Community Woodland Group

I have been working with Llangattock Community Woodlands since it started and was a founder member and Chair of the original group. The group has been part of the canal adoption scheme since 2013.

Llangattock Woodland Group, canal adoption Llangattock Woodland Group, canal adoption

I'm Jackie Charlton. We started the adoption because we were already working in a small woodland adjacent to the water. So it made absolute sense.

We now meet along the canal once a week looking after two woodlands. During the winter months we have been coppicing or helping the Trust on a special project to support and celebrate both the beautiful views from the canal and the life cycle of the Dormouse who love new hazel to nest in.

We regularly have a turnout of between eight and 12 volunteers who are mainly retired although we have guest volunteers of different ages. My nine year old grand-daughter is one of the more enthusiastic volunteers, but she can only attend when on holiday in Wales. We have people who are participating in different volunteer schemes to do with health or rehabilitation. We also work with the local Church in Wales primary school whose Eco club are now intending to visit through the seasons.    

We’re constantly looking to recruit and provide opportunities for volunteering in our group and therefore along the canal. 

Favourite achievement

Easily the favourite achievement has been clearing around the grand, statuesque Redwood that is here on the canal side, but followed very closely with taking on the new woodland and meadow. The new woodland provides an exciting opportunity for volunteers to have hands on experiences in a special environment. We hope that this will be a focal point for local people and visitors alike in years to come. 

The Mon & Brec Canal is full of breath-taking views, peace and tranquillity. It’s a place which creates a highway for biodiversity for all to enjoy.