Macclesfield Canal Society

I'm part of a team that runs four adoption groups along the Macclesfield Canal. Our groups in Macclesfield and Bosley have been going since 2015, with the other two in Poynton and Congleton beginning in 2017.

Macclesfield, Bosley, Poynton and Congleton adoptions Macclesfield, Bosley, Poynton and Congleton adoptions

I'm Duncan Learmond. Like a number of adoptions we started with one mile, but when we saw what could be achieved we looked into extending the area we adopted and also setting up more groups.

We've initiated  a roving taskforce too, that covers areas in-between the key adoption areas our groups cover.

It's important to get the right structure in place for your group and this works well on the Macclesfield Canal. Once that is in place the hard work takes care of itself.

Wellbeing of the canal

Our aim is simply to contribute to the well-being of the canal. Most of our members join as a result of being canal users, whether that's walking their dogs by the water, cycling or working as lock keepers, but mostly from the local community

The way we work, it's a case of the more the merrier.