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Part 2 – Tie a pole rig

We see far too many anglers trying to use unsuitable rigs on our canals, and not catching as many fish as they deserve to. In part two of seven, Motty explains how to avoid this.

You'll learn:

  • the different components of a pole rig
  • why it's usually better to make your own rigs
  • the correct diameter of mainline and hook-lengths
  • the best choice of floats for canal pole fishing
  • how best to position the float bristle in the water
  • all about shots and stotz, and how to put them on the line
  • the correct size of hooks to use
  • how to attach pre-tied hooks to your mainline
  • how to put your rig onto a winder

[Please note, the prize mentioned at the end of this video will be given during the junior, cadet and youth canal angling championships 2020.]

Last Edited: 04 August 2020

photo of a location on the canals
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