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Let's Fish: Connor's fishing story

For a few years I had always dreamed of going fishing but we did not know where or how to start. Just over a year ago, someone told my parents about a Lets Fish event and luckily, they booked in.

Connor Farrow

First time

So the first time I had ever got to go fishing was in the summer of 2019 at this Lets Fish event held on the Montgomery canal. I remember feeling so excited beforehand. I couldn't wait to get stuck in and learn a new activity. The whole family was there, and we had a great day out. My sister caught a roach but alas, I didn't catch a thing. But that didn't put me off, just the opposite. From that day on, I have been trying to convince my mum that I would love angling to be my main hobby. We have purchased some very old children's angling books and I'm slowly reading my way through them.

Connor Farrow Let's Fish Story

Coach Peter

Even though we have been in lockdown for most of the year, I did managed to attend two Let's Fish events in October. These events were held at Nantwich on the Shropshire Union Canal. I was lucky to have Peter Henery as my brilliant coach both times. The first coaching session the weather was surprisingly good, and I managed to catch 10 fish. I was over the moon. I missed loads of bites too. The last event just before lockdown 2 came. The weather was pretty bad; it rained quite heavily. I didn't expect to catch anything. Amazingly the sun came out and I caught 42 fish in two hours. I landed four different species roach, gudgeon, perch and even a large skimmer bream. Peter noticed how much better I had become at putting the pole rig in correctly and getting the fish striking technique just right. I didn't miss anything like as many bites as on the previous occasion.

Peter Henery

Catch of the Month

Every month, Canal & River Trust hold a Catch of the Month competition sponsored by Angling Direct. Mum decided to post my picture from the second Nantwich Let's Fish day on the Canal & River Trust Facebook page as there were special prizes for the best catches taken at a Let's Fish event up for grabs. Amazingly I was chosen as one of four winners.

Worcester & Birmingham Canal

Looking forward to 2021

My confidence has shot up whilst being coached by Peter and I'm very grateful. The Lets Fish events have been amazing for me and with my parents not knowing anything about angling it was a perfect way to be introduced to the sport. I now have my heart set on joining a fishing club. I'm really looking forward to learning lots more about fishing in 2021. I definitely need to learn how to tie up my own rigs. There is also the National Celebration of Young People and Fishing event being held on the Shropshire Union in September and I am hoping to take part in that. You never know, if I was really lucky, I might do as well as Charlie Beetham. Whatever happens, I would just love to land as many as 42 fish on that big day and even half as many as that would be just fine.

Last Edited: 09 November 2021

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