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Number 8: Ian Moulton

Arguably the most naturally talented of all my top 12 picks.

Ian Moulton and the Mohmar Team

Rather like George Best in football, match fishing success came almost too easily for the son of maggot breeder Harry. Aged 14, he didn't just win the Silstar British pole fishing championships (as a guest) he gave the top anglers in the country a fishing lesson that is still spoken about today; he was the Matt Godfrey of his era.

Fozzie was the natural leader of the England junior team in its formative years. He went on to have a long list of success with the Nantwich based Mohmar team. In the eyes of many, he is the greatest bloodworm and joker specialist the country ever produced.

He had brilliant eyesight and equally brilliant float control. If he had carried on, would Ian have won a host of international caps? That we will never know for sure but I for one do hope the towpaths will one day see a Fozzie return. Give him just a couple of weeks to get warmed up and the opposition best look out. Read more about Ian in my blog.


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Last Edited: 14 June 2019

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