Plastic and litter in our canals

Every year it costs us over £1 million to clear plastic and litter dumped in our waterways, funds that could be spent on improving wildlife habitats and ensuring the waterways are a lovely place to spend time.

Dumped litter and rubbish can lie on the bottom of the canal bed, out of sight and mind to many passers-by, causing problems to boaters, wildlife and the environment.

Find out how we're tackling this litter and plastic epidemic, and see some of the various items found in our waterways.

Take a look at our underwater video footage below, showing the amount of of litter included in one of our canals.

Cleaning the canals

Or more specifically, the canal and river beds. We've heard of people trying to remove rubbish from the waterways themselves using magnets, but this can pose a danger and we don't recommend you do this.

Instead, you can get involved and join one of our many Towpath Taskforce teams and volunteering groups helping to clear litter from the waterways. Or report any litter, dangerous debris and pollution to us and one of our local teams will clear it.