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Join our #PlasticsChallenge

Stop plastic destroying nature by taking on a #PlasticsChallenge litter pick.

14 million pieces of plastic rubbish end up in our canals and rivers each year. Around 500,000 pieces are carried into oceans, negatively impacting the environment on a global scale.

Wildlife is at risk of serious injury and suffocation. Vital waterside habitats are being damaged, leaving water voles, otters, and other endangered species exposed and vulnerable. Much-loved scenic city routes are being left tarnished.

Help keep canals alive and complete your #PlasticsChallenge today.

What is the #PlasticsChallenge?

If everyone who visits one of our canals and rivers picks up just one piece of plastic and takes it home, they'd be clean within a year.

All we're asking you to do is:

  1. Visit your local canal and carefully collect any plastic you see
  2. Dispose of it safely and sustainably by taking it home to recycle
  3. Spread the word! Take pictures of your pick and use #PlasticsChallenge on social media to encourage others to get involved

TV's Deborah Meaden supports our #PlasticsChallenge

“The Canal & River Trust is doing an incredible job helping precious species like kingfishers and water voles in our towns and cities. But all the work it does to keep waterways open, including for the benefit of wildlife, is in danger from mindless pollution.

“Sadly, it's not uncommon to see water birds making nests from pieces of plastic, whilst the microplastics ingested by aquatic invertebrates and small fish are being accumulated up the food chain, with yet unknown consequences. This is why it is so important that everyone gets involved in the #PlasticsChallenge.”

A woman kneels on the towpath to pick up a plastic bottle

Other ways to fight plastic pollution

Understand more about the issues caused by litter, and discover how else you can help us win the war against plastic.

Be inspired to take action

There are many reasons people pledge their support to our #PlasticsChallenge. Read some of their motivating stories.

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