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How we make decisions

From its inception, the Trust has paid great attention to ensuring that we have the highest standard of governance. Our governance is quite complex because we are a multifaceted organisation delivering multiple objectives for a wide range of stakeholders.

That means we all have to invest time in understanding our governance arrangements and making them work outstandingly well. We have designed a handbook to help everyone appreciate our governance and how to make it work most effectively.

It gives an overview for people who are new to the Trust and a handy reference with cross-referencing for people already contributing to our governance. In the handbook you can find information about the Council, the Board of Trustees, the Welsh Board and the Waterway Partnerships.

Executive team

The executive team manage the everyday operation of the Trust.

Board of Trustees

Our trustees are unpaid board directors, taking collective decisions on policy and strategy and providing oversight of the executive directors. We have eleven trustees, and they are legally responsible for overseeing the work towards our charitable objectives.


The Council is made up of up to 40 nominated, co-opted, and elected individuals, including the chairs of 10 regional Waterway Partnerships.

The Council meets twice a year. You can find Council meetings here which contain more information such as a minutes and papers.

Last Edited: 23 November 2016

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