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Water safety partnerships

We work in partnership with organisations all over England and Wales to reach more people with important water safety messages.

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We're a key member of the National Water Safety Forum, a voluntary association of organisations that have a wide variety of interests and responsibilities for water safety including:

  • sports governing bodies
  • rescue services
  • regulators
  • navigation and harbour authorities
  • local government
  • utilities and other representative groups

National drowning prevention strategy

In 2016, the NWSF launched the UK's first National Drowning Prevention Strategy which highlighted specific activity areas for members' efforts to be focused on:

  • Every child should have the opportunity to learn to swim and receive water safety education at primary school and, where required, key stage 3
  • Every community with water risks should have a community level risk assessment and water safety plans
  • To increase awareness of everyday risks in, on and around water
  • All recreational activity organisations should have a clear strategic risk assessment and plans that address key risks

Water safety partnerships

We're part of water safety partnerships in Bath, Nottingham, Northampton, Manchester, Leeds, York, Wigan and Bedfordshire. We take our role within these partnerships seriously and value working together with groups to push out water safety messages.

Last Edited: 20 October 2022

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