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Water vole homes

Your vital gift could help give threatened water voles new homes where they can feed, breed and shelter.

A water vole surrounded by grass

Your gift could help improve two metres of waterside habitat to bring more water voles back to our canals and rivers. The beautiful, elusive water vole was once a common sight, but their numbers have plummeted by 97% since the 1970s, partly due to loss of habitat.

Water voles prefer to nest in burrows dug out of the banks of rivers, streams and canals. But by some canals they can struggle to find the soft banks they need.

That's why we're creating new water vole habitat through floating reedbeds. With this gift, you could help provide water voles with a sheltered nesting site where they can forage and hide from predators.

If your friend or loved one cares for nature, they'll love this gift to help give more water voles a home.

All the funds donated through our 'Gifts with love from canals' are directly allocated to our mission of protecting our waterways and the wildlife that depends on them, helping make life better by water.

Last Edited: 27 October 2023

photo of a location on the canals
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