Our notified area

We have defined areas next to our waterways in which we should be notified of any planning applications likely to affect our waterways.

Maps and data for our notified areas are available on our open data site (under 'planning buffer').

For applications accompanied by an environmental impact assessment and major development the notified area is 150m from the relevant waterway or waterway asset.

The notified area for household and minor scale development is generally a maximum of 50m from the relevant waterway. There are areas where the notified area is wider, either 75m or 150m from the relevant waterway because there are assets such as reservoirs, tunnels, cuttings and embankments or because of the width or nature of the waterway. 

Large scale development Small scale development

In 2016 we returned 464 consultations to local planning authorities because they didn’t fall within our notified area. If as a local planning authority or developer you would like our comments on an application, but technically we are not a statutory consultee, please make this clear to us.

Last date edited: 19 November 2020