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Winter moorings on sale for 2015-16

Winter moorings for 2015-16 go on sale today, offering boaters the chance to tie up for the winter at a wide selection of sites across England and Wales.

A boat moored in the snow on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal

We offer winter moorings to support the continuous cruising lifestyle. They offer boaters the chance to have respite from cruising during the harshest months of the year from the start of November to the end of February.

There are a variety of winter moorings available with some situated near facilities on selected visitor moorings and some at quieter towpath spots for boaters who want a bit more solitude. We have also created sites where boaters moored last year and have added further sites following feedback from boaters. Maps of the winter mooring locations can be seen here.

Boaters can book their winter mooring through the our boat licensing site: Unregistered boat licence-holders should create an account using the option to register under ‘I am an existing Canal & River Trust customer'.

Mike Grimes, head of boating at the Trust, said: “We offer winter moorings as a way of supporting the continuous cruising lifestyle. In winter, cruising can be harder as weather conditions become more challenging, with the potential for freezing water, bitter winds and sleet, and ground like granite. We are offering a wide selection of winter moorings to give boaters across the country a chance to tie up for the season. Not every boater wants to stop moving so we've made sure that where we offer winter moorings on visitor mooring sites, at least half the space will be left free for cruising boats.”

Both continuous cruisers and boaters with a home mooring will be able to take up a winter mooring. However, boaters who are not meeting their licence requirements may not be eligible.

A list of FAQs is available here.

Last Edited: 29 November 2016

photo of a location on the canals
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