Winter moorings

We appreciate that cruising in winter can become challenging as the weather starts to bite. With this in mind, we offer temporary moorings at selected locations around the country for those wanting to hunker down.

Appley Bridge in the snow, Leeds and Liverpool canal
Appley Bridge in the snow, Leeds and Liverpool canal

Winter moorings 2015/16

Lots of boaters have been asking us about the changes to winter moorings this year.  We’ve published a statement to tell you about why we provide winter moorings and what we’re offering boaters this year, as well as our reasons behind the changes. 

Winter moorings support the continuous cruising lifestyle. In winter, the more challenging weather conditions can make cruising a harder prospect and we appreciate that not every boater wants to face the icy winds, early dusk and rock-hard ground that the season can bring.

We are offering a wide selection of dedicated winter moorings to give boaters across the country a chance to tie up for the season, while keeping enough space clear for those who want to continue cruising.

Details of all sites, including capacity and associated prices, are now available.

In a change from previous years, winter moorings will not be sold through the Trust's directly managed moorings website, but will go on sale in October on the web licensing site. To prepare for the launch, you can register for online access in advance here. If you’re a current licence-holder, make sure you select an option to register under ‘I am an existing CRT customer’.

Please note that we have decided not to offer winter moorings in central London. We have received feedback from some boaters in London that it will be fairer to maximise all boaters’ opportunities to share the space available in such a busy city, where mooring space is at a premium. Winter moorings will still be available in greater London, within easy reach of the centre of town.

If you have any enquiries you can call our customer service team on 0303 040 4040, or email

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