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Filming location fees

We charge location hire fees for commercial filming and photography on our canals, rivers, lake and docks. All the income generated from shoots goes towards caring for our waterways.

These fees are a guideline, you'll get a fee quote once you've completed your FilmApp application.

  • The fees below don’t include VAT (20%)
  • Fees for employee time, parking, third-party works assessments, towpath closures etc. apply in addition to the hourly location fee
  • You could be charged a late notice admin fee if you submit or amend your application less than 48 hours before the shoot date
  • Extra-large film crews (100+ people) will be subject to higher fees, please contact us for a bespoke estimate
  • For longer shoots, day rates are available on request

Type of production

General views£88 per hour
Factual TV£153 per hour
Photography and online video (brands)From £182 per hour
TV AdvertFrom £212 per hour
TV dramaFrom £212 per hour
Feature film From £304 per hour
Charity film£352 per day
Student film£140 per day
Commercial drone filming £167 per hour

Last Edited: 02 April 2024

photo of a location on the canals
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