Filming location fees

We charge location hire fees for commercial filming and photography on our canals, rivers, lake and docks. All the income generated from shoots goes towards caring for our waterways.

All fees are approximate, you'll get a fee quote when you submit your completed application.

  • fees are exclusive of VAT, which is added onto the total
  • additional fees for staff time, parking, third party works assessments, towpath closures etc. may apply on top of location fees
  • there is no charge for the first recce, subsequent recces are charged at £50. Recces are advised for crews of 20 or more
  • cancellation fee is 50% of the agreed total fee if cancellation occurs less than 48 hours before your shoot (refer to licence terms)
  • prep / strike fees are 50% of hourly location hire fee
  • in some cases you may be charged a late notice admin fee if you submit or amend your application less than 48 hours before the shoot date 
Type of production  Location hire fee by crew size 
<20 20-40


£130 per hour n/a

Online film/ Music Video

From £130 per hour From £150 per hour

Fashion stills/ Commercial stills

From £150 per hour From £200 per hour

TV drama/ TV commercial/Low Budget Feature film

From £150 per hour From £200 per hour
Feature film From 200 per hour From £250 per hour

Student/charity film

  • £100 - 200 per day
  • Half day rate available
Drone filming (only) £130 per hour n/a

 If you have a query regarding our fees, please email

Last date edited: 7 September 2017