Ways to stay warm this winter

Although not all of us get snow over the winter period, there is no denying that for most of us some days are cold enough to consider two pairs of gloves.

Kids playing in the snow by canal Kids playing in the snow by canal

Whether you're an inside or outside person we have some tips for everyone to stay a little warmer this winter. 

Go for a walk

If you're feeling the chill stuck inside, layer up and take a walk. A nice brisk pace will have you warmed up in no time. We have a number of winter walks that you can try along the canal.

Eat and drink something hot

Visit your local or try a new cafe or pub. Tea, mulled wine, hot chocolate, or perhaps something a little stronger. There are plenty of places open over winter to cater for all ages. 


Children playing in puddlesYou will need: (optional) hat, scarf, gloves, and (essential) a pair of wellies. For those who don't get snow, rain is still a likely visitor. Sometimes it's the simple things in life, and for little ones (although adults are not exempt), running from one puddle to the next should keep them nice and toasty.

Have plenty of supplies

Whether you live on a boat or not, it's a great idea to stock up on a few extra bits and bobs this time of year. Extra tins of food, candles, powdered milk (can't be running out of tea now), biscuits, matches, torch batteries and basically anything that will help in an emergency black out, or when you've forgotten that the shops shut over Christmas. The last thing you want is to be left without heat and food.

Wrap presents

Conveniently it's a rather festive season and wrapping presents can be a great way to work up a sweat. Whether it's the stress of finding the sellotape for the fiftieth time, or simply that presents excite you, this activity will help keep your body moving.

Take turns

Kennet & Avon Canal, Courtesy of Ralph. H Kennet & Avon Canal, Courtesy of Ralph. H

If you are on a boat this winter, and it's not too iced up to travel, be sure to take turns when cruising so you're not outside for long stretches of time, getting colder and colder. More tips on preparing your boat for the cold season.

Get knitting

Knit a scarf, blanket or hat. Not only will you burn a few calories putting those needles to good work, but make yourself an item that will keep you warm when you head outside.

Last date edited: 2 December 2019