Running late with Christmas gifts?

For those of you who have left present shopping a little late this year, or have struggled to pick something for a loved one, we have some unique ideas for you to take away.

We've all been there, trying our hardest to get something different, or personal for somebody and having no idea. Perhaps you have that friend who has everything already.

Well, we've taken the stress out for you and come up with some different ideas and a downloadable coupon for you to fill in and cut out, or you could always make your own. 

Christmas Coupon

Treat your friends and family to:

1. A movie night, with a movie of their choice.

2. A day out to a museum of their choice. 

3. A week of cooking and emptying the dishwasher.

4. Two months worth of any lessons or activity they want to try.

Canoeing on the Leeds & Liverpool CanalPerhaps salsa? or snowboarding?

We also have plenty of activities to try, fancy canoeing, fishing or learn something new on our waterways?


5. A romantic evening of stargazing.

Ideas for kids too:

1. One night camping in the living room. Go back to basics and have fun building a make-do camp using bits and bobs from the airing cupboard. 

2. An afternoon butterfly hunting in the garden. Build a net and get catching!

3. A morning tracking animals at a local reserve.

4. A favourite book being read as many times as they like for a month.

5. A trip to the canal.

Last date edited: 2 December 2019