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It is fantastic when volunteers' achievements are recognised by a wider audience...

It goes without saying that myself and all my colleagues in the volunteering team up and down the country recognise the achievements of all of volunteers, but it is so rewarding when this recognition is appreciated by a wider audience. This has happened recently, with a great volunteering project being nominated for a prestigious internal award.

You may remember previous blogs about the environment team’s discharge survey, and how this has been a ‘gateway’ project for so many of our talented volunteers. Essentially a small army of voluntary surveyors were armed with iPads and set about mapping discharges coming into our canals and rivers. Without this project we may never have met (to name a few) the likes of Emile, who is now supporting the hydrology team, Charles who has been brilliantly completing some analysis of the discharges mapped, and Laura, who has just completed a volunteer placement with our Senior Ecologist in the West Midlands. We met so many great people through the project, and many went onto gain employment afterwards – well done!

It is to these volunteers, and many more, that we say thank you. We really could not have mapped all these discharges, which are a source of additional water and often pollution, without you! The project has not only brought together so many volunteers, but it has also brought different internal teams together to run the project, including the environment team, the utilities team and our GIS (mapping) team. It has allowed so many of our colleagues to see what fantastic things we can all achieve together, along with our dedicated voluntary surveyors.

So it was the icing on the cake to recently be nominated for an internal award. At this point you may be wondering why I am sharing this news with you. My point is that this project has not only offered our volunteers a great introduction to us and what brilliant work we do, but has included colleagues who would not normally interact with volunteers, opening their eyes to their dedication and enthusiasm. It has opened doors and inspired new opportunities for so many people on both sides.

The survey has already been shortlisted for the award by an internal panel, and the next step is for the project team to convince our Chief Executive, Richard Parry, of its merits. I want to say whatever happens next, thank you to everyone who got involved – and here’s to the next project!

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