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Just last week some of my local colleagues attended a joint retirement party for two co-workers. When I heard about it, it got me thinking about the skills we all gain through our working life, we pick so much knowledge throughout the years. Some of this seems to seep in without us realising too!

Volunteers looking at a historic map Volunteers looking at a map

So after last week’s celebrations, this week has been a busy one, with me meeting a variety of people from our technical teams, discussing where they could do with some volunteer assistance.

The meetings with engineers really struck me, as we have a range of roles with this team that we are looking to attract some volunteers into, and I thought back to the retirement party. I have often tried to attract some retired professionals (as well as people at all stages of their career) so we can enjoy all the expertise they have, and to be honest, it is not always the easiest thing to do.

We are blessed with a lot of volunteer lockkeepers who have taken retirement, which is brilliant news, but spare a thought for our technical teams who would love some volunteers too!

Take a chance

I’ll put this in another way. Just imagine for a moment doing a role simply because you love it, you can be flexible about your time commitment, and you have the chance to share skills and knowledge you worked so hard to learn.

You’ll also have the chance to volunteer with a great bunch of dedicated people, and it is not always office based, we offer loads of chances to get out and about on the network. Once you have raised the last glass at your leaving party, consider taking a look at our website and the range of opportunities that we can offer.

It is a bit like a lucky dip, you never know what will be on there from one week to the next. What volunteering lacks in monetary terms, we more than make up for in ‘feel good’, so come and join us!  


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