A summer of new opportunities

One thing is for sure, life is never dull in the technical volunteering world!

A lego interpretation of the canal discharge survey! A lego interpretation of the canal discharge survey!

I can honestly say that being the technical team volunteer coordinator is never boring. It's frustrating at times, yes (particularly when I am trying to ‘match’ people and roles), but not boring! The photo I have used this month illustrates this perfectly – this is my Lego representation of the canal discharge survey we carried out a couple of years ago...

In recent months I have covered a variety of volunteer roles, including eel surveyors, I mean who would have imagined that we would have had such a role on offer? And as we move towards the autumn (if I say it quietly the sun might come out), we have a few more exciting roles coming up.

Weird and wonderful tasks

I am going to share a few with you here – if you fancy getting involved, keep an eye on our volunteering pages. I can be relied upon to add some weird and wonderful tasks – as I say, my role is never boring!

In our environment team, we are seeking seal surveyors on the Tees Barrage – please book your place on our induction session if you want to get involved. You’ll need to commit to a particular one hour shift around high tide, but the rewards are worth it, especially when you spot your first seal.

This winter we will also be seeking some canal discharge surveyors to complete our survey of the network – areas we are seeking keen volunteers for include the Kennet & Avon and East Midlands waterways, and the Worcester & Birmingham and South Stratford Canals. It will more picturesque than my Lego representation! I will blog about this when we start to recruit so no one misses the chance to get involved.

Heritage, walking and maps

Our heritage team are getting involved in Birmingham Heritage Week, and we may need some extra pairs of hands for events, so if you have a passion for meeting people and like a spot of heritage too, this could be the role you are looking for! Keep an eye on our volunteering pages.

Alternatively, if you enjoy walking the waterways, we are seeking some length inspection assistants to complement our length inspection team. You will be a buddy to accompany this professional team, so whilst you don’t need technical skills, you will need to enjoy volunteering with different people and have the stamina to do the role (Kendal mint cake anyone? Again, take a look at our volunteering page, the opportunity will be live soon).

If all this sounds too strenuous, I have been asked my GIS colleagues to help find a volunteer who is well versed in GIS (geographic information system) who would like to get involved in a short term project with us. You will need to volunteer from the Fazeley office, but registered volunteers can claim out of pocket expenses.

I hope that this gives you a flavour of the volunteering we can offer in the technical teams – we are a  really friendly bunch and always happy to speak to new volunteers, so what are you waiting for?


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