A site visit and bird rescue

We own a lot of property both commercial and residential. I am currently involved on a national project with property colleagues to assess potential environmental risks on our commercial sites. The work has taken me out to a number of sites, however a recent visit along the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal took an unexpected turn.

The site visit started off as normal, with a chat to the current tenants, regarding the activities that are undertaken on site and a review of any permits/licences they hold.  Whilst walking over the site, we came across a moorhen at the bottom of a pit partially filled with water. 

The moorhen was looking very sorry for itself.  With help from the site staff, we managed to make a collecting implement and pulled the bird out. After leaving it in the open for 10 minutes, it was obvious the bird was not going to fly off, so it was taken back to our warm office.  

Later on the moorhen was taken to a wildlife rescue centre in Tewkesbury and I am happy to report that after a night in the centre, the bird was released back onto the canal.  The moorhen was still in its juvenile stage and once it had fallen into the deep pit, was just unable to fly out – hopefully it’s learnt a lesson!

Last date edited: 19 December 2013

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Sara has been with the Trust for 17 years, working in the environment team. She is a senior environmental scientist and will cover waste and water quality issues. She works closely with the South Wales and Severn Waterway team but her work will also pick up national issues, such as the Water Framework Directive.


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