Waterway Heritage Champions

It always amazes me how many other waterway groups there are in Britain besides the Canal & River Trust.

All over the place there are societies, trusts and associations that are passionate about saving, restoring or raising awareness of their own special waterway.

I’ve got a great personal interest in all waterways heritage; not just that entrusted to our care and when I get the chance I like to take a look at some of the less familiar (to me, at any rate) gems of waterway heritage. One recent example is Navigation House in Sleaford, which stands behind a stone wall with an interesting gateway. The house was built in 1839 as the company offices of the Sleaford Navigation; it has been restored and is now the Sleaford Navigation Trust’s visitor centre.

The Sleaford Navigation Trust does a great job in working towards securing more of Britain’s waterway heritage. Over the next few years I’m aiming to give a series of talks to groups like this, up and down the country. It’s a great way to share knowledge, ideas, maybe some technical support, and tell people who are busily championing their own waterway heritage about how the Canal & River Trust works to conserve its own historic sites and buildings.

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