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Foxton Vintage

On the 16 and 17 September 2017 we held the very first Foxton Vintage festival.

Foxton Vintage Festival Foxton Vintage

We turned back the clock at Foxton Locks this September to a time when the canals were the driving force behind the Industrial Revolution.

It was a fantastic family day out as we fill the locks with historic narrowboats. Our 'Characters of the Cut' came along to tell stories of what life was like for the men an women that built and worked on the canals 200 years ago.

There were plenty of attractions including:

  • a heritage boat parade (see below)
  • a traditional funfair complete with steam Gallopers and Big Wheel
  • steam traction engines
  • boat rides
  • lots of local food and drinks

Meet the heritage boats

For those historic boat aficionados among you, here are just some of our very special guests that visited this years’ Foxton Vintage festival:



Siskin was built from scratch in 2011 and is a replica of a W H Cowburn and Cowper motor. Did you know that all of WHC&C motor boats were named after British birds beginning with the letter 'S'?


Harland & Wolff, Star Class working boat Corona was originally built for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company in 1936. She was originally paired with butty Coronis who has now become a motorised boat herself.


Squire was built in 1896 as an open day boat for R Gillard of Tipton, and was probably built by Eli Aston of Tipton.


1936, Harland & Wolff, Town Class working boat Barrow attended


Thomas Clayton's 1938 wooden hulled working boat Towy. We look forward to seeing her with many others from a wide variety of canal companies.


1935, Harland & Wolff, Star Class Butty, Dodona was originally designed as a butty, but has been converted to a motor powered vessel.


1936, Yarwoods Town Class narrowboat, Purton.

Last date edited: 20 September 2017