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The Boilerhouse Museum

If you go down to the locks today, you’re sure of a big surprise – the incline plane in all its glory is back – at least from a virtual point of view.

The Boilerhouse The Boilerhouse

Foxton discovery appUsing the very latest in virtual experience technology you can stand alongside the inclined plane and use your smart phone or tablet device and see the boat lift magically appear in front of your very eyes.

You may want to download the free Foxton Discover App from your mobile or tablet before you visit Foxton.



Working together to tell the story

Foxton Canal Museum – now known as The Boilerhouse – is a recently refurbished museum created inside the original boiler house. As the name suggests, it was once full of powerful mechanics that controlled the barge containers (or cassons) up and down the inclined plane. 

Foxton LocksThe boilerhouse, chimney and offices of the Foxton Incline Plane

It’s now a fully accredited museum. Home to working models of the lift, a 'play' boat, interactive displays, games, motion sound and video, and a wealth of curious canal objects, it tells the story of the lift, Foxton Locks and the surrounding waterways. Bringing to life what is was like to live and breathe the canals in the 19th Century; showcasing families and their working conditions. But was it all really coal dust and cramped cabins? Find out on your visit to the Boilerhouse. 

Boilerhouse Museum

It’s is run by the Foxton Inclined Plane Trust (FIPT) and while FIPT is a separate charity to us, we have worked closely for years together to promote and protect Foxton’s unique piece of canal heritage.

Meanwhile, back out on the locks you'll find our small army of dedicated volunteer lock keepers preserving Foxton’s stunning staircase in full working order, so boaters and the local Leicestershire communities alike, can continue to enjoy our wonderful waterways. 

Last date edited: 11 April 2017