Seven reasons why fishing is good for you

Read our top seven health benefits of fishing to learn why it's a great way to improve your mental and physical wellbeing, whether you're a match angler or a weekend hobbyist.

Fishing Fishing

1. Fishing keeps you fit

By going fishing your main muscle groups, heart and lungs are all getting a good work out. Choosing a fishing spot that's within walking distance of your house, or a 10 to 15 minute walk from your car, is an obvious boost to aerobic exercise. Did you know that over 8 million people live within 1000 metres on their local canal fishery? But setting up, casting off and then landing hundreds of small fish calls for a bit of strength. Let alone some of the huge carp or pike you can find in our waters. It engages the shoulders, back, arms, core and legs in an active workout. Incorporating lure fishing into your itinerary is another great way of hitting your gently aerobic exercise targets

Gone fishingIt’s a whole body work out without the drama of going to the gym. You might not have even noticed it!

2. Fishing increases your vitamin D intake

Even when skies are grey, being outside means your body can top up on critical Vitamin D reserves, providing that your skin is exposed of course. Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body, keeping your bones and teeth healthy. It boosts your immune system and has been linked to fighting depression.

3. Fishing improves your concentration

Being outside and taking notice of the environment around you improve your ability to concentrate, according to research in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Walking in nature or simply spending time under leafy trees leads to changes in the brain, which improve levels of concentration. This can be particularly noticeable in young people such as the once boisterous Daniel Lawes

Angling on the canals4. Fishing reduces stress

40% of adults lie awake at night because of stress, but just being near water lowers anxiety and instills a sense of calm. More and more charities are realising this and are starting to use the therapeutic benefits of fishing to treat post traumatic stress disorder and other illnesses.

5. Fishing with friends

No matter what age you are, when you join an angling club you become part of a community, whether you take part in competitions or just nod a greeting to the angler on the next peg. You can join in as much or as little as you want to, but being around like-minded people, sharing an interest and connecting with new friends is a great way to spend the day.

6. Fishing improves your self esteem

Fishing is all about personal goals, and attaining those goals is a sure-fire way to improve self-esteem. It’s also a lifelong skill that you can enjoy at any age. Every angler remembers their first catch. Just look at the way their eyes light up when they talk about it. 

Fishing is also the perfect skill to pass on. Many anglers remember a parent, grandparent or other relative taking them to a local canal and showing them how to catch their first fish. If passing on your knowledge and enthusiasm appeals, you could even become a Let’s Fish coach. Spending time with your family also promotes feelings of security and wellbeing, making fishing a worthwhile activity to learn.

7. Fishing lets you unplug

While most people go fishing at the weekend, we see plenty of after-work anglers along our canals. So leave your computer and emails behind, get away from the games console or tablet, and let your eyes rest on the sparkling water.

Our canals and rivers are open for everyone to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature so you can relax every day.

Last date edited: 30 June 2022