Wellbeing by water

Spending time by your local canal can really lift your mood. Meet Well-B and find out why.

Why is life better by water?

Well-b running on empty

Ever feel like you're running on empty, especially in these challenging times? When the daily grind is getting you down, there are lots of things you can do to look after your wellbeing. One of these is spending time by water. This is what our little canalside friend Well-B does when they need to recharge.

Well-B escaping to the canal

Research shows that spending time by water can help you feel happier and healthier. Our canals and rivers are the perfect places to boost your mood and improve your mental health. Even in busy towns and cities, they provide special spaces where you can relax, recharge, or get your body moving to improve your physical health too.

You can read our research into the wellbeing benefits of being by water.

Well-B recharging by the canal

Spending time by water is great for your mind and body. Our canals are always open and there're always free to access. No matter how busy life gets, you can enjoy their benefits any time you like. Our canals are here for you, now more than ever. And, they're right on your doorstep.

The five ways to wellbeing

The five ways to wellbeing

Researched and developed by the New Economics Foundation, the five ways to wellbeing are five simple messages that explain the things we can all do to take good care of ourselves. Following the five ways can help us all to feel happier and healthier, and to bounce back more easily from stressful events.

The five ways to wellbeing encourage us all to:

  • Connect with other people
  • Take notice of the world around us
  • Be active in whatever way we can
  • Learn new things
  • Give our time, attention or energy  

To help you remember to build them into your life, why not download our Five Ways to Wellbeing poster and put it up in your home, workplace or classroom.

There's room to explore all five of the ways to wellbeing on and along our canals, rivers and towpaths. 

Find out how enjoying your local canal can help you improve how you feel.

Do you feel happier when you’re visiting your local canal or river?

We’re launching our largest ever citizen science project to record the benefits of being beside water, and we’d like you to join in as well.

Last date edited: 13 November 2020