Angling strategies and action plans

Find our latest strategy documents here, as well as our common sense guidelines to help you get the most out of your angling.

Canal Pairs Championships 2015 Canal Pairs Championships 2015

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Fisheries and angling action plans

Our waterway Fisheries and Angling Action Plans were developed during 2015 following a nationwide series of stakeholder meetings. These included numerous angling clubs, the Rivers Trust, the Angling Trust and the Environment Agency. The plans have identified the key fisheries and angling issues that need to be addressed:

  1. Retaining existing angling customers and attracting new ones
  2. Developing and improving access to the fishery
  3. The opportunities to engage with local communities
  4. Taking advantage of the opportunities for volunteering and adoptions
  5. Improving communication between us and our customers
  6. Funding
  7. Fish passage and migration
  8. Predation and non native species
  9. Fish stocks and fisheries management
  10. Fisheries and water quality and quantity

We're currently developing new Fisheries and Angling Plans for our new regions.

Last date edited: 13 October 2020