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Every hour enough plastic to fill two bin bags is washed into our oceans from canals and rivers.

Chantal Dave, one of our environmental scientists, explains why we're getting involved with RiverFest and supporting its seven pledges.

Aerial view of River Lee looking towards the Olympic Park River Lee, courtesy of EG Focus

We’re supporting RiverFest, a new event taking place in Tottenham, to raise awareness of the the need to protect the River Lea from pollution.

Together with RiverFest we hope to gain support from all those who come into contact with the river, to help improve the river for themselves and future generations.

RiverFest has compiled seven pledges, which we’re asking everyone who comes into contact with the river to support.

Will you play your part by keeping these pledges?

  • Check my beauty products do not contain plastic microbeads. Plastic microbeads are widely considered a serious global and environmental issue
  • Ensure my home is connected correctly. Incorrectly plumbed in washing machines, dishwashers and toilets means that wastewater, chemicals and sewerage goes into our waterways
  • Check my household cleaning products are environmentally friendly. Many of our detergents contain phosphates which cause excessive plant growth making it difficult for fish and other aquatic life to breathe
  • I will not pour fats, oils or greases down the sink. When poured down our sinks, lavatories or drains they stick to our pipes and cause blockages. This makes sinks and toilets back up into buildings and can cause the emergency overflows in the sewer system to ‘pop’, in which case the wastewater goes straight into the river
  • I will only flush the four Ps (pee, poo, paper and puke). Feminine hygiene products, cotton buds and wipes should not be flushed, even if they say that they are flushable. These items cause blockages and very often end up in our rivers
  • I will always put rubbish in bins or take it home, not in the river or on towpaths where it can add to the general pollution in the water, and affect wildlife
  • I will try to remember that feeding white bread to water birds can lead to greater algae growth that can clog waterways and removes more of the birds' natural food sources

If you’re free over the bank holiday why not make your way down to RiverFest’s family-friendly festival?


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