News article created on 1 October 2015

A little less plastic please

Did you know?

Every hour enough plastic to fill two bin bags is washed into our oceans from canals and rivers.

Our national environment manager, Peter Birch, gives us his thoughts on the new plastic bag levy.

A bird's next made from litter A litter nest

So the Government has finally introduced a plastic bag levy on large retailers in England after it has been in force in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland for some years.

This is very welcome news as plastic rubbish of all types, including bags, is a menace on our canals and rivers as it effectively never degrades. Apart from the obvious visual “ugh” factor of litter in an otherwise lovely spot, wildlife can get entangled in plastic or swallow it.

The Trust works hard to try and remove as much litter and rubbish from our waterways as we can – spending close to £1million every year on this to benefit wildlife and people.

Our British wildlife is pretty resourceful though as these Coots at Little Venice in London demonstrated earlier this year building their nest out of assorted plastic debris.

So let’s hope that some of the levy goes towards organisations like ours who are working to clear up the mess other people leave behind and creating more natural environments on our waterways for wildlife and people to enjoy!

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