Blooms by the water

This summer we'd love people to come along and discover the secret (and not-so-secret) gardens of the towpaths, admire the floating floral displays and share their photos.

Flowers on a boat Flowers on a boat

Take a stroll along a towpath on a summer’s day and your head and heart will be soothed by the tranquillity of the environment, and the profusion of flowers that blossom along these watery corridors. 

This summer, in a celebration of blooms by the water, we are encouraging people to spend time along our waterways, taking in the beautiful blooming boats, hedgerows and gardens.

We want more people to feel the benefits of being by the water, and summer is the perfect time to see the waterways bursting with colour and life

Jon Horsfall, head of customer service support

Flower power

There are many reasons to take up a bit of gardening, and where better than with a backdrop of waterway life, whether it's a bustling stretch or a peaceful countryside landscape, flowers make a big difference and bring life and colour to our green spaces. 

We have some amazing community gardens across the network which have transformed unloved areas making them enjoyable again.