Winter moorings

We appreciate that cruising in winter can become challenging as the weather starts to bite. With this in mind, we offer temporary moorings at selected locations around the country for those wanting to hunker down.

Snowed in narrowboat on the canal at Apperley Bridge Snowed in at Apperley Bridge on the Leeds & Liverpool canal

Winter moorings 2017/18

Winter moorings for 2017/18 have now ended. Details of winter moorings for 2018/19 will be published in the autumn.

Winter moorings support the continuous cruising lifestyle. In winter, the more challenging weather conditions can make cruising a harder prospect and we appreciate that not every boater wants to face the icy winds, early dusk and rock-hard ground that the season can bring. Winter moorings give boaters across the country a chance to tie up for the season, while keeping enough space clear for those who want to continue cruising.

2017/18 winter mooring locations and prices:

2017/18 winter moorings are available at fixed locations between 1 November 2017 - 16 March 2018. Winter moorings finished two weeks earlier than usual to ensure they din’t disrupt the start of the summer cruising season over the Easter holidays.

Winter mooring permits in 2017/18 were available to purchase for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 4.5 months.

There are four price bands for the 2017/18 winter moorings depending on what is available at or nearby the mooring and the level of demand at the site.

  • Band 1 - £15.50 per meter/per month* – generally a visitor mooring site with mooring rings or bollards, in/within walking distance of a popular village/town/location with local amenities.  There are good facilities at or nearby (including water, elsan, pumpout and rubbish facilities) and good public transport links (for example the site is close to a station/public transport routes or, in London, is in travel zone 1-4). 
  • Band 2- £13.50 per metre/per month* – generally a visitor mooring site with mooring rings or bollards, in/within walking distance of a popular village/town/location with local amenities.  This site has good facilities (most including water, elsan, pumpout and rubbish facilities). 
  • Band 3 - £10.00 per metre/per month* – generally this could be a visitor mooring or towpath site with some facilities on site or within a short cruise.  The site is likely to be quite close to a village or town.
  • Band 4 - £6.50 per metre/per month* – generally a quieter towpath location, which doesn’t have any facilities on site.
    For more information about the 2017/18 winter moorings please see the documents below.

*The 2017/18 mooring prices were mostly held at 2016/17 levels. Some sites changed price band in response to the high or low levels of demand last winter, with popular sites increasing in price and less popular sites seeing a price cut. 

Before booking a winter mooring please check our winter stoppages list to ensure that stoppages will not prevent you reaching or leaving the winter mooring site.

2017/18 winter mooring locations and price list

2017/18 winter moorings frequently asked questions (FAQs)

2017/18 winter moorings terms and conditions

Site maps:

These maps indicate the location where each winter mooring is located in the Trust's different waterway areas. Lengths shown on the maps may not be 100% precise but the linear length of each site will be included in the site list, and signage on site indicates the start and end point of each winter mooring from 1 November 2017 - 16 March 2018.

East Midlands winter mooring maps
Kennet & Avon winter mooring maps
London waterways winter mooring maps
Manchester, Pennine and Potteries winter mooring maps
North East winter mooring maps
North Wales and Borders winter mooring maps
North West winter mooring maps
South East winter mooring maps
South Wales and Severn winter mooring maps
West Midlands winter mooring maps

Buying a winter mooring

2017/18 Winter mooring permits went on sale at 6am on 2 October on sale on a first come, first served basis via our web licensing site. For those without an account on our web licensing site, but who are a current licence-holder, make sure you select an option to register under ‘I am an existing Canal & River Trust customer’.

Last date edited: 2 May 2018