Toilets and showers

We provide shower and toilet facilities for boaters at intervals along our canals and river network.

Boaters Facility Signage

You’ll need the standard Canal & River Trust Yale key (available from our shop - see link on the right) to access these.   

Please remember that you are not the only person using the facilities, so please leave them as you would hope to find them on your next visit. 

Some marinas may also offer these facilities for a very reasonable fee. You can find details of local boating businesses on our Local to You pages.

Find a toilet or shower

You can find our toilets and showers by looking at our maps. Make sure that you zoom in to your chosen location then click the red i icon on the bottom right to bring up the symbol legend. This will help to ensure you find the facility you are looking for.

Last date edited: 28 June 2018