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Using and keeping the boat

Living on a boat is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice, although it's definitely not for the faint hearted.

The practicalities can make living on a boat tough, particularly in winter, so before you commit, talk to other residential boaters and the Residential Boat Owners Association which publishes excellent comprehensive advice and runs seminars at boat shows.  

Residential boats add much welcomed life and colour to the canal bank, but when boat occupants’ belongings spill over onto the towpath…it can spoil it for others.

If you’re tied to a particular area for work, family or other reasons, the best bet is to find a home mooring. If you're foot loose and fancy free, then you might consider living on your boat while exploring the wonderful network of canals and rivers across the country.

It's also worth checking out this excellent, independent, website written by boaters for those considering making the move afloat.

Last date edited: 7 July 2015