Roy McFarlane - canal laureate

Together with the Poetry Society, we're delighted to announce the appointment of Britain’s new canal laureate for 2022: Roy McFarlane.

Roy McFarlane, canal laureate Roy McFarlane, canal laureate

During his laureateship, Roy is interested to explore how people feel about their local canals currently, and how our national and global history can be read in the story of the canal network's development.

He adds: “I’ll be exploring stories of women, labour and migration in the building of these canals, and how that contributed to the Industrial Revolution with its hidden histories of colonialism and imperialism.”

Collaborative works

Roy will be both writing his own poems, and working with various groups of canal users, including boaters, to create new collaborative works. His first project will involve a canal walk on the shortest day of the year, to be followed by return visits on the equinoxes and the longest day.



Other projects with a wellbeing, nature or history focus will follow – and canal communities who would like to get involved with them should contact The Poetry Society for the latest updates. 

Last date edited: 15 June 2022