Local waterways: a lifeline during lockdown

Through national and local lockdowns, many people have turned to their nearest waterway as a much-needed escape. This makes it more urgent than ever that we can continue our work to protect these local lifelines.

Right now, the space that our waterways offer has never been so important for the wellbeing of local communities, helping people feel calmer, happier and healthier. 

As a charity, we need your help now

The pandemic has meant that, like many other charities, we face a shortfall in our fundraising income. We urgently need your support to carry on our work to keep our waterways and towpaths safe and accessible for all, at a time when we need them the most.

We walk here every day, lockdown or no lockdown. It’s an absolutely gorgeous place. We just put our masks on, keep our distance and it’s fine.

Azad and Laxmi, Grand Union Canal
Azad and Laxmi on the Grand Union Canal, Leicester

Your local waterway is a lifeline 

  • Around 8 million people regularly enjoy our canals
  • 5 million like to take a healthy towpath walk
  • 1.5 million jog or cycle
  • Many others visit just to relax by the water
  • 2,000 miles of history, beauty and tranquillity are open to all

Will you help us continue making a lasting difference to the physical and mental wellbeing of so many local communities?

Our visitor numbers have increased significantly in some local neighbourhoods this year. People from all walks of life, including frontline workers like Tamara, have been out on the towpaths for exercise, fresh air and to get closer to nature. 

"It was very hard work at the hospital earlier in the year. The canal has definitely been busier with walkers. I hope we can all keep going to the canal through winter."

Tamara, junior doctor, Grand Union Canal in Leicester

Tamara on the Grand Union Canal, Leicester

Looking after local waterways, on behalf of everyone

During these unprecedented times, we’re continuing to manage water levels, fix broken facilities, clear weeds and much more, so that we can all enjoy our time by the water.

Thank you

With your support we can continue our work to maintain and protect our waterways as local lifelines during lockdown, available for anyone who needs them.

Last date edited: 2 December 2020