Give in celebration

What do the waterways mean to you? What do they mean to the special people in your life? This is your chance to celebrate a shared love of canals and rivers, with a donation to help us care for them.

Making memories on Bow Back Rivers, London Making memories on Bow Back Rivers, London

Whether it’s your favourite cycle route, the place you moor your boat for some peace and quiet, or the bridge where you fell in love, everyone has a story that connects them to a canal or river.  

We love hearing your inspiring stories and we want you to be able to read each other’s stories too. That’s why we’ve created a new online dedication map of our 2,000 miles of waterways.  

You can choose your place on the map, add a photo and dedicate a donation in celebration of a loved one. There is space to add your story, which you can share publicly on the map or keep private. You’ll also receive a certificate to remind you of your gift and to show your family and friends. 

Your donation will help us look after the waterways in the years to come. You'll be giving people the opportunity to feel happier and healthier by water and protecting the wildlife habitats that make these places so special. 

Last date edited: 10 August 2020