Tooley's Boatyard

Tooley’s Boatyard was once a thriving centre for horse drawn wooden boats. It has been in continuous operation since it was built nearly 230 years ago. It is a place locked in the past with old traditions, skills and tools.

The site was threatened by the development of the Castle Quay shopping centre. The site was preserved and now boasts two ‘Scheduled Ancient Monuments’, and has been incorporated within the new Banbury Museum and TIC, as part of the new shopping centre.

Archaeological assessments of the boatyard have been conducted by Birmingham University. The site has been drawn, photographed and recorded. The artefacts were removed from the site and replaced in the same positions, once the site was regenerated.

Tooley’s boatyard today is not a museum, it is a working boatyard. We are a small independent company; we get no grants or financial help.

We understand the importance of this historic boatyard, and we actively invite the general public to come here to find out about the history of the site, the work hat was done here and the work we do here now.

The Shop is open April to Sept 10 to 2pm & Oct to Mar 10 to 12pm


  • Day boat
  • Professional boat repairs & servicing
  • DIY boat repair facilities
  • Dry-dock
  • Chandlery
  • Boat handling courses
  • Working Forge
  • Astronomy Workshops

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Tooley's Boatyard

Spiceball Park Road
Banbury Museum
OX16 2PQ

Disability Access Information

Chandlery, Museum, dock and but not yard

  • Path slope no steeper than 1 in 10