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Shuffle up and share the space!

Spring is turning into summer, the Easter holidays are over and the main boating season is in full swing, so now it’s really important that everyone shuffles up and shares the space on visitor moorings.

mooring at Stoke Bruerne

Boating on the inland waterways is becoming ever more popular whether it's for staycation holidays, leisurely weekend breaks or for a life afloat. From spring until late autumn the waterways are alive with boats of many different types, all exploring the many fabulous destinations on our network.

At popular sites and main tourist destinations from Foxton to Bath, to Trevor Basin and central London you'll find short stay designated visitor moorings. These normally have stay times of less than the maximum 14 days, typically just 48 hours or up to 7 days and are clearly signposted with the maximum stay time and any local site rules like Quiet Zones.

Let everyone enjoy the best spots

To allow as many people as possible to enjoy these locations we're asking people not only to respect the maximum stay times but to shuffle up and share the space as well.

There's nothing more frustrating as a boater after a long day's cruising, than to arrive at a visitor mooring to discover that there's absolutely no space to moor because everyone else there already has moored with "smaller than boat sized" gaps in between them. This is particularly annoying when if everyone had been sensible you could have fitted in a 70 footer! Or you discover that there's room for you if another boat moves just a foot or so and they refuse to do so with a lame excuse like "I've just set my satellite dish up."

Honestly, that happened to a boater over the Easter holidays.

Share the space

It you don't fit in the gap, breasting-up is a possibility and in fact a necessity in some extremely busy places like London, but this isn't suitable for everyone or every location. All we're asking is for people to think considerately when mooring up.

  • don't leave huge gaps
  • be prepared to shuffle about to fit everyone in
  • be nice!

The cut will be an even friendlier and happier place if we all do it, and you may even make new friends.

To see some top-tips about sharing the space when boating watch our video.

You might also want to read our short stay mooring FAQs.

Last Edited: 21 April 2017

photo of a location on the canals
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