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Boater's handbook

If you are new to boating, whether that's hiring a boat for the first time or setting out with a boat of your own, some elements can be daunting. Our Boater's Handbook has everything you need to know to safely and enjoyably cruise your local canal.

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How does a lock work? What do I do if I run aground? How do I tie a suitable knot? While other boaters are often happy to help, it can be tricky trying to figure things out on your own.

It's also important to know how to stay safe, and make sure you're not harming the environment during your travels.

Staying safe

Protecting the environment

Other helpful boating advice

Need more guidance?

This 25-minute video we created with Drifters goes into a little more detail about the key elements of boating.


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Last Edited: 24 April 2023

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