Upload your photos for Rate this Scene

Working with the University of Warwick, we're undertaking the biggest ever research project into the science of scenic beauty by water. Will you help us?

We want you to upload as many pictures of our canals as possible so that others can rate them, allowing us to better understand what makes a canal scenic so that we can protect it. 

What do we want in a photo?

To help us get a clearer understanding of what you find scenic, please make sure any pictures that you upload follow these guidelines:

  • We're after scenery. Please don't send us pictures with people in
  • This is all about reality. We want to see the good and bad as well as the beautiful
  • We want to see as much as possible from your point of view. Please don't upload close ups or aerial pictures
  • Each picture should be less than 10mb and have a minimum width of 900px (landscape or square works best)

Last date edited: 6 October 2022