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Our nation's nature is under threat. We need you to help us identify more habitat along our waterways so we can help wildlife thrive.

Look at the picture and tap the tick symbol if you can see the habitat named below, or the cross symbol if you can't.

Need help identifying a habitat?

HabitatsHabitats 2

Scrubland is land dominated by shrubs and plants that may not have been deliberately planted. An abundance of wild flowers may be an indication of scrubland.

Water banks are where land and water meet. Banks attract species such as dragonflies, water birds, crayfish and otters.

Towpaths often run adjacent to grassland - an area in which almost all of the vegetation is made up of grasses.

Buildings on our waterways include bridges, locks and walls, as well as construction on the towpath or above water level. 

Hedgerows are usually a connected line of shrubs or trees and provide homes for a diverse range of insects and small animals.

Open water is the main body of actual canal water (not along the edges). We also have many reservoirs, lakes and rivers that we look after.

Last date edited: 24 May 2022