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After the canal was abandoned in 1934, there were several instances where roads have been constructed directly over the top of the canal.

A worn down looking canal

There are currently two locations at Carreghofa where this happens, which would inhibit future navigation potential. The LUF Montgomery Canal Restoration project will seek to address these current blockages through the creation of new bridges.

At Walls Bridge (no. 93), this is likely to consist of a new bridge over the canal that will allow the current road crossing to be removed. The road was constructed to principally facilitate waste wagons that had struggled to use the original canal bridge. The original canal bridge will be retained, and a new, more modern bridge will be constructed for road traffic.

At Williams Bridge (no. 96), the original bridge was removed with only the abutments now visibly remaining. This location is much tricker with the road currently passing directly over the top of the canal and with steep approaches on either side. We are exploring various options to find the right solution that will enable the current roadway layout to be altered in such a way that it continues to carry traffic, while also enabling boats to navigate through.

Picture of a canal from a road

One option here is to raise the height of the road over the canal to a sufficient height to enable boats to navigate in a culvert beneath. Another option being considered is a moveable bridge, swing or lift, which will allow traffic to pass over the canal at the existing level. Each option has its pros and cons which are being considered as part of the design process.

Along the length of canal being restored there are many existing structures which are essential to the successful operation of the canal, weirs, sluices, aqueducts. Each of these is being inspected and where necessary repairs can be carried out so that the canal can be safely operated into the future.

Last Edited: 08 December 2022

photo of a location on the canals
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