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National Users' Forum

The aim of the forum is to keep the principal users of the waterways up-to-date with strategic developments within the Trust and an additional way for national bodies to feedback on issues of national importance to their members.

Green and blue bunting in foreground with canal in background Bunting in Little Venice

The group meets twice a year and replaces the British Waterways Advisory Forum (BWAF) which undertook a similar role under British Waterways’ stewardship of the nation’s canals and rivers.  Terms of Reference for the NUF can be found here.

Former members of BWAF, together with other interested national membership canal organisations, were invited to the first meeting which took place on Thursday 21 February 2013 at Canal & River Trust’s office in Hatton. 

Roger Hanbury, head of governance services at the Canal & River Trust, comments:  “Membership of the Forum is open to groups with recognised national membership and we’d be delighted for each to nominate a representative.  If your group would like to attend and hasn’t yet nominated a representative, please get in touch with Brenda Adams in the first instance at brenda.adams@canalrivertrust.org.uk.

Last date edited: 22 February 2016