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South East vacancies

Can you help us deliver our vision for the South East Waterways? We are looking for a new member to join the South East Waterways Partnership.

About the partnership

The partnership has developed a 10-year vision and a three year action plan for the waterways in the South East which focuses on linking communities and creating opportunities as part of the Trust-wide vision of Living waterways, transform places and enrich lives.

The Partnership is now delivering its action plan and to help us in this task we are looking for a new member to champion green issues. We are particularly interested in candidates who live and/or work in the Oxford Canal corridor.

The South East Waterways Partnership covers the waterways shown in Area 9 on the map.

The role is voluntary with agreed expenses reimbursed, and will involve approximately two/three days a month. Appointments are for three years.

How to apply

If you would like to apply to be a member, please complete our simple application form and return to brenda.adams@canalrivertrust.org.uk along with a short CV. 

Arrangements for interviews will be agreed with shortlisted candidates.

If you wish to discuss this further, please contact Vicky Martin, waterway manager, on 07768 646036.

Canal & River Trust encourages diversity reflecting the communities around the waterways.

Please pass on this information to any others who may be interested in this role. 


South East (Boating Sub-Group)

The South East Waterways Partnership established a Boating Sub-Group in 2013 to support its work in developing the quality of experience for boaters on the South East Waterways. The sub-group provides the partnership with advice and feedback on a range of topics including:

  • Reviewing progress of new SE visitor moorings implementation plan, impacts on local communities and next steps,
  • Review of the SE Strategic Waterway Plan to maximise value from boaters/boating activity,
  • The development of new mooring locations (for example Aylesbury Basin)

The group is advisory and its contribution was reviewed after its first year. The decision was made that the group had been valuable and would continue to run as a sub-group of the main partnership. 

Membership of the group comprises representatives from a diverse range of boating groups including trade, boaters with home moorings, boaters who continuous cruise, and historic boating groups. The chair of the South East Waterways Partnership, the South East waterway manager, and Relationship, Policy and Strategy Manager (Boating) are also members of the group. 

Terms of reference

1. The primary purpose of the group is to help the Trust develop the SE Waterways for the benefit of boaters.

2. The work of the group will be in the context of Trust national policies and will look at how these should be implemented in the SE Waterways Partnership area.

3. The Sub-group will be asked to look at how the new SE visitor moorings are implemented, to consider the impacts on local communities, and to recommend next steps. The Sub-group will also be asked to review the SE Strategic Waterway Plan from the perspective of boating.

4. The Sub-group will be chaired by a member of the Partnership.

5. The agenda will be set jointly by the Partnership and the Sub-group.

6. The Partnership is a non-executive body and the recommendations of the Sub-group will be advisory.

7. Meeting frequency is expected to be no more than quarterly. Not all issues will require meetings and members should be expected to engage in email or other electronic discussion as the need arises.

8. Administrative support will be provided by the SE Waterway.

9. Membership to comprise:

  • 3 Partnership members - Lynda Payton - Chair (Andrew Taylor to deputise in Lynda's absence), John Best - Partnership Chair, Vicky Martin - Waterway Manager
  • 1 Relationship, Policy and Strategy Manager (Boating) - Matthew Symonds
  • 7 others who represent the perspectives of at least one of the following interests: Leisure boating, Residential boating, Continuous Cruising, Boating trade, Parish/District Council.

Last date edited: 16 August 2016