Waterway partnerships

We feel it's really important for the people who are passionate about our canals and rivers to have a say in how they are run. Our waterway partnerships provide this opportunity.

Grand Union Canal & Tring Reservoir Grand Union Canal & Tring Reservoir

Working alongside each region’s full time colleagues, our partnerships help to:

  • guide decisions about spending
  • shape our future plans
  • make sure our plans and policies deliver improvements locally
  • engage communities through local knowledge
  • improve the role waterways play in the lives of local communities, businesses, waterway users and visitors

Across our regions, we have 10 waterway partnerships:

East Midlands Waterways
Kennet & Avon Waterways
London Waterways
Manchester, Pennine & Potteries Waterways
North East Waterways
North Wales and Borders Waterways
North West Waterways
South East Waterways
South Wales & Severn Waterways
West Midlands Waterways


You can find all meetings here.

Annual Public Meetings 2017

Take a look at your region or our news page for announcements about our annual public meeting for this year.

Here's a summary schedule which is updated frequently.

Governance handbook

The Governance handbook is designed to help everbody appreciate our governance and how to make it work most effectively.  

Partnership chair

The chair of each partnership sits on our main council

Terms of reference for the partnerships
Role profile for the chairs
Role profile for members

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