Welcome station volunteers

Based in key locations around the country, welcome stations are places where people can go to find out more about the local area and ways to get involved with our work. We are continuing to recruit volunteers to help out in these important places.

Greeter volunteers at Fradley Welcome Station Greeter volunteers at Fradley Welcome Station

It's always useful to be able to ask someone about where the nearest cafe is, how far you can walk down the towpath and if there are ways to help the canal or river that you're standing next to.

We already have a growing team of friendly and helpful volunteer lock keepers around the country, but you’re now also able to call into any of our Welcome Stations to pick up some leaflets, have a chat and find out more about the Trust. We aim to open them at the busiest times, relevant to the local community’s needs – and we’d be very grateful for your help with this!

We're currently recruiting volunteers for this sociable, enjoyable and important role. We'll give you the appropriate training - nothing too demanding!

Current roles

Last date edited: 23 March 2017