Celebrating our volunteer managers: David Viner

We're saying a big thank you to all of our volunteers and volunteer managers this International Volunteer Managers Day. Read more to find out what our heritage volunteers have been getting up to.

David Viner, volunteer manager David Viner, volunteer manager

Role: Heritage adviser

Team: Heritage

What kind of work do you do with volunteers?

Heritage admin, surveying and heritage skills

When did you first start working with volunteers?

In 2003, back then there was little support and mixed feelings about working with volunteers. 

How much time do you spend working with volunteers?

As much as I can spare which isn’t nearly enough

What are the most challenging and rewarding aspects to managing volunteers?

Managing a range of skills and the great satisfaction of seeing volunteers doing something well

What have you learnt from working with volunteers?

Good management is everything and with honourable exceptions it needs far more time and support than you think

What’s the most important quality in a volunteer manager?

Positive encouragement and adapting when things don’t go to plan

What do you do as a volunteer in your personal life?

Hands Around The World (third world grass roots projects), Freedom from Torture (medical support for asylum seekers who have been tortured) and Forest of Dean Building Preservation Trust.

Last date edited: 3 November 2016