One-off and regular work parties

Find out how we can work with you to jointly run volunteering sessions with your organisation.

Leeds Roller Derby skaters litter picking Leeds Roller Derby skaters litter picking

We regularly work with organisations who are only able to work with us for a single day or a short term, one-off project. We also work with organisations keen to come out regularly, because they’ve got time for a longer term project and want to oversee regular maintenance.

What to consider

We can work with you to jointly run a session with your organisation. We need to ensure that we jointly plan a safe, enjoyable session that fits in with your plans and the plans of the Trust.

This includes covering our responsibilities around heritage and environmental standards, not damaging the services that may be under the towpath, and taking into account the wishes and needs of all the other visitors to the waterways.

Things that we’ll jointly consider:

  • Is the building you want to repaint is already planned to be repainted in the near future?
  • Is a fishing match planned for the day that you’re keen to get your organisation out volunteering?
  • Are there telephone cables under the towpath which could be damaged if we installed a new fence post?
  • Is the lock a Listed Building that we need special consent for before we can paint it?
  • What animals or wildlife live in the habitat around the waterway that we need to make sure we consider in our planning?
  • Is it bird nesting season?

We aim to support organisations who are keen to volunteer with us to ensure an excellent and effective partnership. Especially for the longer term partnerships, we aim to set practical joint aspirations to support you in bringing your volunteers to the canals and rivers. If it is a short term project you never know, you may want to repeat it next year.

For all partner groups, we have a simple registration form and partnership agreement that we will ask you to complete. This ensures that we’ve got the right contact details for you and we'll know what we can expect from each other.

Get in contact with us at with the details of your group, how many members you have, where you are, what you are aiming to achieve and when you aim to get involved.

Last date edited: 17 December 2020