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Boating through Stoke Bruerne

Visiting by boat? Let’s make it easy for you to moor up, meander around the museum, and maybe grab a bite or two in one of the places to eat here…

You can moor in various mooring zones in Stoke Bruerne between the Blisworth Tunnel and the welcome sign below the towpath footbridge (bridge 54b).

Look out for information on towpath signage, on the notice board at Stoke Bruerne or speak to one of our volunteer visitor mooring rangers for a leaflet.

Mooring zones are free for the published times

(Please check the stay times on the towpath posts):

  • 2 days
  • 7 days
  • 2 day disabled moorings
    (all 14 days in winter)

Want to stay a little longer? Our extended stay charge is £25 (including VAT) per day, if:

  • you don't move on after the maximum stay time within any one of the zones between Blisworth Tunnel and the welcome sign below the towpath footbridge (bridge 54b)
  • you stay longer than seven consecutive days (14 days in winter November to March) within our mooring zones
  • you spend more than 14 days within our mooring zones during any calendar month

Our volunteer visitor mooring rangers check the towpath daily recording the boat numbers. Your extended stay charges will be invoiced monthly and recorded on your boat licence account.

Please respect the mooring zones. They are designed to make sure everyone can share the space.

Last Edited: 21 September 2017

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