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Temporary signage for fishing matches

Using temporary signage to inform anglers as well as other waterway users of pending or in-progress fishing competitions and matches is well worth doing.

National Angling Championships Birmingham & Fazeley Canal

Signage must be clear and accurate, so it cannot possibly be misinterpreted by other waterway users. Please download and use our recommended MS Word template, adding relevant wording in the boxes. If you have any problems downloading the template please contact us.

We have come across the occasional signs over the years implying that the canal was closed to all customers when that was not the case. This has unfortunately led to many concerns from boaters and walkers about access, wondering why the canal was closed and about alternative routes both for walking and navigation. On investigation, we found that the canal closed refers to anglers not being able to fish a particular length due to an upcoming fishing competition.

Last Edited: 22 October 2018

photo of a location on the canals
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