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Angling match results for week ending 23 May 2021

Angling match results brought to you by Steve Cope

If you would like your results included here, please contact Steve Cope on 01922 640247 or [email protected]


Aire & Calder Open, Aire & Calder Canal, New Bridge Section, East Cowick, East Riding of Yorkshire, Yorks. Wed. N. Broadley (Scunthorpe Tackle) 30-4-0 (skimmers and roach); R. Jackson (Tri-Cast Calder) 24-10-0 (4 bream plus roach); C. Lealand (Daiwa Dons) 22-10-0; E. Green (Mirfield AC) 21-0-0; S. Wright (Daiwa Dons) 19-12-0.

Airsprung AC, Kennet & Avon Canal, Bradford-on-Avon, W. Wilts. Sun 16th May. S. Keable (Airsprung AC) 16-5-0; R. Whitmarsh (Airsprung AC) 15-0-0; D. Adams (Airsprung AC) 9-0-0.

Angling Trust & Canal & River Trust Canal Pairs Championship Qualifier 2021, Shropshire Union Canal, Soudley, Shrops. Sun. S. Doodson 37-7-1; D. Trafford 30-3-8; R. Guest 21-4-5; F. 'the Bread' Cheetham 14-0-0; D. Hughes 12-0-0; S. Beswick 11-5-0. Qualifiers: S. Doodson & D. Brown; W. Kearney & S. Beswick; D. Lloyd & R. Guest; K. Clarke & D. Edgerley; P. Turner & N. Turner; D. McManus & I. Morrison; S. Brookes & D. Mawby; P. Murrin & D. McCall; R. Tomala & S. Hurst.

Barford AA Open, Grand Union Canal, Knowle, W. Mids. Wed. C. Rice (Sensas Black Country) 6-15-0; S. Reidy (Sensas Manor Angling) 6-12-0; M. Belgrave (Sensas Manor Angling) 5-6-0.

Barford AA Teams of Three Canal League, Grand Union Canal, Knowle, W. Mids. Sat. D. Clayton (Drennan Leics.) 14-3-4; D. Hughes (Sensas Black Country Gold) 10-15-2; D. Massey (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech Blue) 9-2-8; M. Belgrave (Stratford Angling) 8-15-0; C. Talbot (Matchbox) 7-10-0; N. Cowling (Barford AA) 6-9-8. Teams: Sensas Black Country Gold 8 (one section win 19-10-2); Matchbox 8 (one section win 15-7-13); Stratford 10 (one section win 17-6-11); Browning West Midlands 10 (one section win 11-15-11); Canal Trio 10. League: (Joint 1st) Sensas Black Country Green 16; Canal Trio 16.

Bateman Vine AC, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Bridges 40 to 42, Botterham Lock, Wombourne, Staffs. Sun 16th May. M. Holmes (Bateman Vine AC) 7-10-0; P. Doyle (Bateman Vine AC) 5-14-0; M. Ashmore (Bateman Vine AC) 4-7-0; S. Checkitts (Bateman Vine AC) 3-15-0.

Cashmores MG, Trent & Mersey Canal, Priory Section, Rugeley, Staffs. Sat. B. Broadhurst (Cashmores MG) 3-6-3; C. Dean (Cashmores MG) 3-3-5; T. Kulik (Cashmores MG) 2-6-7.

Charnwood Open, Grand Union Canal, Swingbridge Section, Loughborough, Leics. Sun. J. Oakes 5-11-0; M. Almen 4-12-0; P. Hubbard 4-11-0; (Joint 4th) T. Barker 3-15-0; D. Clayton 3-15-0; R. Wright 3-7-0.

Cookley AS Inaugural Three Club Challenge Match (Cookley AS, Droitwich Spa AC & Barley Mow AC), Round 1, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Cookley, Worcs. Sun 16th May. A. Hanson (Barley Mow AC) 2-13-8; K. Downton (Droitwich Spa AC) 2-5-8; M. Price (Barley Mow AC) 0-15-8. Teams: Barlow Mow AC 75; Cookley AS 65; Droitwich Spa AC 64.

Erewash Valley Open, Erewash Canal, Cotmanhay, Derbys. Sat. S. Degg (Milo) 28-8-0 (11 tench); G. Sheffield (Codnor Park) 11-3-0; D. Jackson (3 Counties) 9-4-8; B. Sharratt (Cadence Superteam/Bait-Tech) 7-11-8; S. Shelton (Matchman Supplies) 7-11-0; P. Allwood (Long Eaton Fed.) 7-4-0.

Goodyear AC, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, The Anchor PH Section, Coven, Staffs. Thurs PM, 4 Hour Match. M. Boden (Goodyear AC) 5-5-12 (skimmers, roach and the odd gudgeon); Capt. B. Birch (Goodyear AC) 3-6-6; B. ‘the Wizard' Jones (Goodyear AC) 2-4-14.

HanKat AS, Dudley No.1 Canal, Woodside Section, Pegs 25-70, Merry Hill, W. Mids. Sat. D. Sheaf (Canal Kings) 2-0-10; L. Woodhouse (HanKat AS) 2-0-0; J. Browning (Evolved Baits) 1-14-12; T. Bowen (Canal Kings) 1-10-14; M. Howell (HanKat AS) 1-5-12; G. Atkins (Sportsman AA) 1-4-4.

Hazel Slade AC, Wyrley & Essington Canal, Cashmores MG Waters, Pelsall Common, Pelsall, Walsall, W. Mids. Sun. R. Poole (Hazel Slade AC) 6-4-0; M. Anderson (Hazel Slade AC) 4-4-0; C. Hackett (Hazel Slade AC) 3-8-0.

Hodnet AC Open, Shropshire Union Canal, Adderley, Shrops. Wed. P. Andrews 11-13-0; B. Clarke 10-8-0; G. Benson 6-11-0.

Huddersfield Broad Canal Teams of Four League, Round 3, Huddersfield Broad Canal, Huddersfield, Kirkless, W. Yorks. Sun. A. Bradley (Gomersal) 9-6-0; A. Miller (Mirfield AC) 2-15-0; (Joint 3rd) A. Jagger (Matrix Black) 2-13-0; T. Price (Matrix Black) 2-13-0; I. Sutcliffe (Tri-Cast Black) 2-10-0. Teams: Matrix Black 40; Gomersal 38; Matrix Gold 35; Drennan Barnsley Blacks 33; (Joint 5th) Wibsey 32; Matrix Red 32. League: Matrix Black 133; Matrix Gold 108; Tri-Cast Calder Red 103; Gomersal 89; (Joint 5th) Mirfield AC 87; Drennan Barnsley Blacks 87.

Leeds & Liverpool Canal Open, Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Woodyard Section, Wigan, Gtr. Manchester. Sun. S. Wilson 8-8-0; S. Harrison 3-12-0; J. Cookson 2-14-0; C. Whalley 2-8-12; S. Kenny 2-0-0.

Liverpool & District AA, Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Running Horses PH Section, Maghull, Merseyside. Wed. C. Cliffe 8-14-0; J. Stirratt 5-4-0; J. Easton 4-8-0.

Mirfield AC WIN-WIN Saturday Series, Round 6, Aire & Calder Canal, Whitley to Heck, N. Yorks. Sat. E. Bridon (Maver Dynamite) 7-13-0 (two bream plus bits); D. Gill (Selby) 6-13-0; P. Kitwood (Goole) (two bream, no weight supplied); M. Highe (Mirfield AC) 6-1-0; P. Dwyer (Drake's Floats) 5-7-0; S. Crossley (Preston NW) 5-6-0. (No league placings supplied).

Northampton Nene AC Open, Grand Union Canal, Yardley Gobion, Northants. Sun. D. Challinor (Daiwa Dons) 20-0-0 (bream and skimmers); I. Wing (Colmic A4) 9-4-0; M. Kirk (Colmic A4) 7-9-0; R. Pottinger (Towcester) 7-5-0; T. Webster (Colmic Boland Northants.) 7-4-0.

Sensas Lifestyle MG Open, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Radford Bank, Stafford, Staffs. Sat. R. Guest (Bag'em/Maver Midlands) 3-12-8 (two big perch plus bits); P. ‘Jonty' Johnson (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 1-10-12; F. ‘the Bread' Cheetham (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 1-8-15; A. Round (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 1-4-11; P. Evans (Cornwall) 1-3-9; D. Sumner (Fatty's Bait & Tackle) 1-3-6.

Shipston AC, Stratford-on-Avon, Warks. Sat L. Ashby 8-6-8; B. Barnes 5-6-0; G. Wheeler 4-13-0.

Sportsman AC Open, Walsall Canal, Ocker Hill, Tipton, W. Mids. Sat. D. Anderson (Sportsman AC) 1-4-6; L. Frazer (Sportsman AC) 1-4-4; I. Thompson (Sportsman AC) 1-1-0; C. Taylor (Sportsman AC) 0-13-8; A. Genner (Sportsman AC) 0-12-11.

Tring AC, Grand Union Canal, Tring, Herts. Sun 16th May. P. Durant 16-8-0 (bream and bits); A. Gregory 6-10-0; S. Wilsmore 6-4-0; D. Lawson 5-5-0.

Tring Old Codgers, Grand Union Canal, Winkwell Upper Pound, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. Tues. P. Hedges 5-0-0; M. Gillings 0-3-0; A. Allday 0-2-8; S. Pavey 0-0-8.

Wigan AA Flyers, Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Piggery Bridge Section, Wigan, Gtr. Manchester. Sun 16th May. G. Wolibegie 6-12-0; P. Roby 3-5-0; D. Colborn 3-0-0; S. Wilson 2-10-0; J. Cookson 2-9-0.

Wolverhampton AA Open, Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal, Cross Keys PH Section, Penkridge, Staffs. Wed. P. Dobing (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 28-12-0 (bream); L. Richards (Wolverhampton AA) 16-12-0; D. Brown (Preston Innovations/Sonubaits) 8-15-7; S. Dudley (Sensas Black Country) 6-6-0; S. Doodson (Drennan NW) 6-4-5; E. Warren (Garbolino) 5-4-2.

Wolverhampton Over 60's Club Open, Shropshire Union Canal, High Onn Boats Section, nr. Church Eaton, Staffs. Wed. C. Tillett (CT Paper Cannock) 4-8-0 (two eels and a perch); B. Astbury (Pelsall Old Boys) 3-8-0; K. Holbrook (Rough Hay AC) 3-4-9; M. ‘Sticky' Wilton (Sensas Lifestyle MG) 2-13-0; M. Westwood (Norton Canes) 2-10-9; P. Hancock (Bridgtown Social AC) 2-6-0.


Bridgnorth British Legion AC Comrades Match, Dan's Pool, Featherstone, S. Staffs. Sun 16th May. D. George 18-12-0; R. George 15-0-0; P. Cartwright 12-4-0; R. Rogers 9-10-0.

Fleets Dam, Barnsley, S. Yorks. Sun 16th May. S. Craig 51-11-0; M. Eddies 47-13-0; S. Holding 43-10-0.

Hodnet AC, Ryley's Pool, Goldstone, Shrops. Thurs 13th May. B. Pugh (Hodnet AC) 23-15-0; T. Blyde (Hodnet AC) 9-6-0; C. Roberts (Hodnet AC) 5-12-0. Sun 16th May., Preeswood Pool, Hodnet, Shrops. R. Cooper (Hodnet AC) 20-1-8; T. Gollins (Hodnet AC) 7-1-0; P. Roberts (Hodnet AC) 6-3-0.

Luton Young Codgers, South Lagoon, Wyboston, Beds. Wed. I. Orbell 5-5-0; D. Hunt 2-13-0; D. Gray 1-12-0; J. Gray 1-10-0; (Joint 5th) A. Bunnage 1-7-0; R. Baker 1-7-0.

Patshull Park Opens, Great Lake, Pattingham, Staffs. Wed., Shallows Section. S. Preece (M&S Joinery) 52-14-0 (bream); G. Grundy (Patshull Park) 34-6-0; S. Owens (Patshull Park) 25-5-0; P. Waters (Patshull Park) 24-10-0; S. Gibbins (Patshull Park) 20-5-0; S. Davies (Blackfords) 15-1-0. Sat., Shallows Section. J. Cheetham (St. Helens) 24-4-0 (bream); G. Roberts (Wales) 17-1-0; A. Insley (Sonubaits) 16-4-0; R. Teale (Daiwa) 14-4-0; P. Davey (Stoke) 13-8-0; K. Tipton (Sensas) 12-9-0. Sun., Shallows & Deeps Sections. D. Gough (Congleton) 32-2-0; K. Tipton (Sensas) 17-14-0; P. Bucknall (Little Dawley) 16-11-0.


A.J. Jewson Tuesday Series, Sykehouse Fishery, Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire, Yorks. Tues. T. Barlow (Dynamite/Drennan Barnsley) 155-10-0 (carp to 10lb and hybrids to 1lb); W. Mcleavy (Tri-Cast Calder) 143-9-0; A. Lumb (Lowhills AC) 125-5-0; A. Turner (Tri-Cast Calder) 121-14-0; S. Mitchell (Brighouse AA) 115-6-0; K. Marshall (Tri-Cast Calder) 110-0-0.

Acorn Fishery, Clevedon, N. Somerset. Sun. R. Bazeley 104-7-0; M. Williams 54-9-0; R. Heatley 50-12-0; D. North 49-3-0; K. Ray 46-12-0; G. Bowden 40-1-0. Silvers: E. Wynne 14-0-0; A. Smith 13-12-0.

Blundell Fishery, Rixton, Ches. Sat., S. Carroll (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 118-3-0; H. Billing (Garbolino/Sonubaits) 99-6-0; S. Woodward (Leigh Tackle & Bait) 89-3-0.

Bradshaw Hall Fisheries, Bolton, Gtr. Manchester. Sat., Lake 3. G. Whalley 92-0-0; C. Lowe 77-0-0; J. Grundy 75-10-0.

Brookside Fisheries, Warrington, Ches. Sat., Snake Lakes 1 & 2. N. Butterworth 46-8-0; J. Shellam 45-0-0; T. Dewhurst 40-11-0.

Button Oak Open¸ Willow Marsh Fishery, Kidderminster, Worcs. Wed., Sandpiper Pool. A. Thomason 91-5-0; G. Pountney 68-8-0; A. Whateley Snr. 64-12-0; S. Kingston 62-2-0; J. Whatley 54-4-0; T. Bird 41-13-0.

Cookley AS, Wellfield Pools Fishery, Kinlet, Shrops. Sun., Swimming Pool. J. Price (Cookley AS) 31-2-0; C. Reeves (Cookley AS) 30-0-0; N. Price (Cookley AS) 26-6-0.

Hawkesbury Hall Farm, Bedworth, Warks. Sun., Match Pool. J. Galloway (Hawkesbury) 56-13-0 (carp to 10lb); V. Cziniscalko (Hawkesbury) 44-9-0; C. Kidd (Hawkesbury) 40-14-0.

Heronbrook Fisheries, Slindon, nr. Eccleshall, Staffs. Tues., Canal, Bridge & Island Pools. T. Woolaston (Fatty's Bait & Tackle) 87-13-0; G. Baker (Heronbrook) 77-9-0; T. Bates (St. Francis) 77-1-0; B. Birks (Manchester) 71-2-0; K. Oldham (Nathan's Youth) 69-9-0; R. Young (Heronbrook) 66-10-0. Thurs., Costcutter, Meadow Pool & Match Lake. A. Dyson (Tri-Cast Old Hough) 147-1-0; P. Gibson (Nathan's Youth) 141-11-0; G. Baker (Heronbrook) 131-10-0; J. Gleave (Heronbrook) 127-9-0; P. Goodwin (Heronbrook) 119-4-0; N. Maynard (Heronbrook) 112-11-0. Sat., Match Lake. S. Edwards (Heronbrook) 82-13-0; R. Pedlar (Bibby's Stone & District AC) 76-7-0; P. Holmes (Heronbrook) 69-5-0; J. Spruce (Heronbrook) 67-4-0; C. O'Connor (Congleton) 61-1-0; C. Wainwright (Heronbrook) 57-13-0. Sun., Moors Masters, Round 2, Canal & Meadow Pools. M. Fox (Drennan/Spotted Fin) 135-12-0; D. Hallam (Maver Midlands) 125-15-0; P. Gibson (Nathan's Youth) 105-13-0; R. Bacon (Derby) 100-11-0; P. Brandrick (Maver Gold Dynamite) 95-4-0; Mitch Davidson (Monkhall) 94-1-0.

High Heyes Farm Fishery, (The Catteries), Eccleston, Chorley, Lancs. Sat. D. Bolton 68-8-0; S. Bamford 55-0-0; D. Rose 52-0-0.

Moathouse Academy AC, Mere Lane Fishery, Preston, W. Lancs. Sat., Silvers Pool. Juniors: W. Jones 12-5-0 (carp, skimmers and roach); J. Dykes 5-1-0; I. Wilson 4-10-0. Ladies winner: C. Maughan 3-6-0.

Monkhall Fishery, Monkhopton, nr. Bridgnorth, Shrops. Wed., Lark & Buzzard Pools. R. Small (Matrix Phil's Tackle) 228-4-0; J. Woodfine (Tarporley Anglers) 187-6-0; M. Harris (MH Floats/Monkhall) 183-0-0. Sat., Owl Pool. K. Jones (Weston Pools) 189-8-0; A. Welding (Matrix Phil's Tackle) 115-10-0; J. Bates (Monkhall) 99-8-0. Sun., Hawk Pool. J. Hughes (Matrix/Spotted Fin) 204-0-0; A. Griffiths (Weston Pools) 157-2-0; A. Kyte (Middle Severn Angling) 148-12-0.

Packington Somers Fisheries, Meriden, W. Mids. Wed., Solihull Angling Centre Open, Molands Mere Pool. D. Wooding 66-14-0; P. Jensen Hunter 61-4-0; T. Taylor 60-12-0. Sat., Big Geary's Pool. N. Wright 59-6-0; G. Beckwith 56-6-0; D. Elliott 51-11-0. Sun., Siblings A & B Pools. S. Bellion 109-0-0; A. Gould 69-8-0; P. Heaven 67-9-0.

Preston Innovations Boldings Pools, Bridgnorth, Shrops. Mon., Dave Mortlock Over 60's, Sycamore Pool. D. Mortlock (Preston Innovations Boldings) 105-6-0; S. Owen (Monkhall) 100-2-0; B. Hill (Preston Innovations Boldings) 96-3-0. Tues., Drop Outs AC, Chestnut Pool. J. Watkins (Drop Outs AC) 119-8-0; N. Crowther (Drop Outs AC) 98-11-0; R. Biddle (Drop Outs AC) 92-12-0; M. Pearson (Drop Outs AC) 71-1-0; B. Lewis (Drop Outs AC) 52-6-0; R. Jones (Drop Outs AC) 51-11-0. Wed., Mick Keene Open, Beech Pool. D. ‘Ziggy' Lees (Button Oak) 126-3-0; T. Woolaston (Fatty's Bait & Tackle) 122-0-0; J. Roden (Preston Innovations Boldings) 84-7-0. Thurs., Ron Clarke Over 50's, Oak Pool. S. Owen (Monkhall) 151-12-0; P. Edwards (Preston Innovations Boldings) 150-4-0; R. Johnson (Preston Innovations Boldings) 93-6-0. Sun., Gaz Willey Open, Willow & Larch Pools. J. Rouse (OAC) 153-8-0; G. Willey (Walsall) 124-3-0; S. Lovell (Fatty's Bait & Tackle) 97-6-0.

Quarry Pool, Aston Eyre, Shrops. Sun 16th May., Wayne Harris Open. S. Roberts (OAC) 156-11-0; W. Harris (Ironbridge) 113-0-0; C. Hobbs (Ironbridge) 93-2-0. Thurs., Open. V. Heath (Newport) 198-5-0; S. Walters (Chestnut Tree AC) 128-2-0; D. Jones (Wrexham) 86-7-0. Sun., Vine AC. C. Jones (Vine AC) 87-12-0; C. Jackson (Vine AC) 86-12-0; M. Walters (Vine AC) 63-12-0.

Ramsbottom AA Seniors, Bradshaw Hall Fisheries, Bolton, Gtr. Manchester. Sun., Lake 3. G. Wright 94-8-0; A. Wright 46-15-0; M. Waddy 44-2-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery, Edwinstowe, Notts. Wed., Holmedale Lake. W. Evans (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 116-3-0; I. Bradley (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 106-7-0; P. Unwin (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 91-2-0. Sun., Holmedale Lake. S. Morgan (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 114-11-0; A. Birkin (Phil's Bait & Tackle) 103-4-0; P. Hodgett (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 87-9-0.

Stoppo's Fishery Silvers Only Open, Coton-in-the-Elms, Derbys. Sat. D. Bickerton 18-12-0 (skimmers); I. Saiger 17-4-0; C. Lynch 6-12-0.

The Cunneries Fishery, Eccleston, Chorley, Lancs. Sat. B. Wall 67-9-0; A. Sampson 53-3-0; J. Slocket 50-6-0.

The Oaks Lakes, Sessay, N. Yorks. Sat., Cedar Lake. A. Kidd 52-4-0; J. Kenning 46-13-0; S. Luck 45-15-0.

Todber Manor, Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Sat., Hill View, Ash & Homeground Lakes. M. Rogers 290-14-0; M. Wynne 239-12-0; A. Palmer 227-8-0.

Tri-Cast Old Hough Fishery, Middlewich, Ches. Sat., Prospect, Boulders, Big Max & Woody End Pools. C. Day (Tri-Cast Old Hough) 79-5-0; C. Shaw (Tri-Cast Old Hough) 62-9-0; I. Walsh (Tri-Cast Old Hough) 60-9-0.

Wellingborough & District Nene A.C. Ladies Match, Mill Cotton Fishery, Ringstead, Northants. Sun 16th May. N. Gray 13-6-0; A. Vicky 12-12-0; J. Wright 7-15-0; E. Le Marquand 5-9-0; M. Wright 3-7-0 (junior); Z. Tuffen 2-3-0. (£125 raised for Macmillan Nurses).

Whitmore Fisheries Open, Preston, Lancs. Sat 15th May., East Canal. T. Palmer 37-0-0; G. Bateman (Tri-Cast Calder) 36-10-0; D. McManus (Whitmore) 36-2-0; T. Cunliffe (Whitmore) 34-4-0; J. Brogden (Preston) 32-5-0; S. Shepherd (Whitmore) 28-2-0.

Witherington Farm Fishery, Witherington Downton, Salisbury, Wilts. Wed., Over 60's, Snake Pool. N. Fitzgerald 70-0-0; R. Kelly 68-4-0; M. Haskell 57-15-0. Top Silvers Outer Section: T. Sargent 8-7-0; N. Turner 7-13-0. Top Silvers Inner Section: J. Pole 1-2-0; J. Turner 1-0-0.

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Last Edited: 25 May 2021

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